~jangan singgah kalau tak masuk~

"when my hand start talking, my tongue could only listen. "

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Sometimes people inquired

Not because they are curious
Or because they care
Or because they want to lend a hand
Or because they want to listen and
 to understand

It could be that
They just want to justify their own guilt
"At least I asked"
"At least I hear you out"
"At least I did my part"
"At least you can't blame me for not being there"

Sometimes people inquired
And their inquiries were answered
But the questions still remained.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017


Like a cup of
Pleasantly warm
Green tea
that I currently sipped
bit by bit

The warmness seeped
 into the darkess and coldest
inside my being
spreading warmness
like rain after a long drought
blooming flowers of all shapes and colours

Another sip is like molten honey
that washed away any web
of bitterness
which has accumulated
like tumour
for the past eternity

Now the last sip
is slightly tepid
but still pleasant
Like a symphony that's about
 to end
Leaving behind a lingering
that shall be missed

Serene, pleasant-- that is you.

Sunday, April 9, 2017


Dulu kau superhero
Yang terbang gah dimata
Buat aku yg kerdil 

Aku mahu jadi seperti kau.

Seorang superhero.


Sampai satu detik
Aku tak lagi sekerdil dulu
Dan melihat kau
Superhero ku
Entah kenapa
Terbangan kau seolah
Tak setinggi dulu

Dan kini aku 
Mula memahami
Kau adalah manusia
Yang aku angkatkan menjadi
Gelaran yang tak pernah kau minta
Gelaran yang tak kau tahu
Wujud di hati ku.

Kau superhero zaman kerdilku
Kini kau tidak lagi terbang
Di mataku di hatiku
Dan aku cuma mampu katakan
Terima kasih
Untuk memori yang indah.