~jangan singgah kalau tak masuk~

"when my hand start talking, my tongue could only listen. "

Tuesday, January 2, 2018


when you don't care to tell
how am I supposed to know?
when you don't care to say a word
how is it fair to hope I would utter phrases?
when you just smile when you feel like it
how could you expect me to laugh when you want it?
when you disrespect my time
how could I respect yours?
when you ignore my pain
how could you expect me to care for your pain?
when you don't care to be there for me
how could you expect me to be there for you?
when you are always being selfish
how could you expect me to always be

when you take me for granted
it hurts,
so why shouldn't I hurt you too?

Thursday, December 21, 2017


Our story is not full of epic sh*t
Our story is mundane
There's no bomb
or Typhoon
but just tiny pebbles.

Our pebbles are small

Our story has a pouch
where all the tiny pebbles are kept
bit by bit

Our pouch
occasionally will become
too full
until it feels so heavy
it tires us out
heart and soul.

There are times
very rare occasions
but still happened
Our pouch was too full
it burst
spitting pebbles everywhere
obliterating everything
in their paths.

All of us have been given our individual pouches
from the very beginning
We don't have a say in this
and we don't realize
how it will turn out to be a burden someday
we were young and naive
so we treated the pouch as a part of us.

Now, we are stuck with it
We know it tires us out
but living without it
makes us vulnerable
We have fallen victim to a scam
called comfort zone
We can throw the pouch
but we wouldn't.

We are grateful
our story are only full of tiny pebbles
not a typhoon
or a bomb
as the impact when the pouch burst
would not be too catastrophic.

At least we are able to pick up the pieces
of the shattered pouch
sew it back
and fill it in with more


Thursday, September 28, 2017

Sang Purnama

Dia menangis setiap pagi
Wajah suci
Yang kini terbit dalam mimpi
Di kala malam sunyi.

Dia merana di pangkal dada
Wajah sengsara
Yang terbiar merana hidupnya
Tapi terlalu jauh untuk digapai
Untuk diseka air matanya.

Dan aku
Dalam keangkuhanku
Bermasam muka
Menunding jari
Dan berlalu pergi.

Akan tiba saat
Tapi alangkah malangnya
Apa yang tinggal
hanyalah jasad.